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Does your passion fuel your restaurant’s success?

We meet a lot of bar and restaurant owners.  All of you have different backgrounds and strengths when it comes to running a business.  In our attempt to provide resources to you, we blog about tips on how to market your restaurant and the importance of following a business strategy, but what we can never forget is just how important your passion is when it comes to driving your restaurant’s success.

Coffaro's PizzaRob Coffaro, owner of Coffaro’s Pizza in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, has the certain kind of ardor that it takes to be successful.

“My passion is pizza. When I started my shop, I didn’t have a list of what things I needed to do by when, I just took action.”

Coffaro was a 23-year-old recent college graduate when he was able to open his pizza shop within a few short weeks of planning.  Having grown up watching his parents run a family business, he picked up the HR skills, the public relations know-how, and the bookkeeping side of things quickly.  The store served hand-tossed pizzas, wings, salads, and subs from their original Main Street location for 14 years before Coffaro purchased the local bowling alley and relocated his business in March 2012.  On top of getting a fresh new restaurant design, this relocation opened new opportunities for Coffaro. Now a dad of three beautiful daughters, he’s proud that he can serve the community by offering family-friendly fun by day, while still marketing to the many college-aged students the town’s university brings to the area.  Striving to treat his employees and customers the way he wants to be treated, he stays focused on making the best pizza in town.  Coffaro’s drive, hard work, and commitment all stem from one place: his passion.

Tell us, what are you passionate about that makes your bar or restaurant succeed?

Wooden Restaurant Tables: Butcher Block v. Plank

At East Coast Chair & Barstool, we are especially proud of our solid wood table tops, which are built by talented on-staff Amish craftsmen.  We make both butcher block and plank style table tops; both are great options for food service and will work well in your commercial setting.  But which style is right for you?  Learn the differences of these wooden table tops.

butcher block tops

Butcher Block Restaurant Tables

Butcher Block
Butcher block table tops are constructed by face-gluing blocks of wood together to show the edge grain on top.  You can see the individual “blocks” as part of the smooth top, but this process creates a hard surface, which is why historically, butcher block surfaces have been used for food preparation, including cutting.  While any wood table top can react to the climate, butcher block tops are less likely to check or split due to temperature conditions.  However, this harder surface is more difficult to stain evenly.  Overall, the 1 1/2″ thick butcher block table tops offer a more contemporary look to your restaurant decor than their plank style counterparts.  At our production facility, butcher block tables ship out in approximately 2 weeks, which is a few weeks quicker than the plank tops.

oak restaurant tables

Plank Restaurant Tables

With the face grain up, plank wooden tables offer a very attractive, somewhat more traditional or rustic appearance, which is easier to stain evenly.  However, it’s a softer surface and not recommended for food preparation; it makes a beautiful addition to your restaurant’s dining room.  With a 3 – 4 week lead time, this table also demands a more temperature-controlled climate to properly care for and maintain it.  We sell both an economy 1″ thickness or a standard 1 1/2″ thickness of plank tops in order to meet many budget needs.

Once you choose between butcher block and plank, there are more options to consider for your new restaurant tables!  You can choose the species of wood you prefer: red oak or beech.  Both styles are finished with a protective catalyzed lacquer and come in your choice of four house stains (walnut, natural, cherry, mahogany), or we can paint the table black for you.  If you would like a custom stain match, there will be a small upcharge.  You can also choose your edge profile: square, waterfall, or bull nose.  We offer a variety of shapes and sizes, as well.  Please note that lead times are approximate, and longer lead times may occur during busy production schedules.

Now that you have compared and contrasted these wooden table tops, you can find the right selection of tables for your restaurant.

View and print our helpful chart here: Butcher Block v. Plank