Upgrade Your Restaurant Seating with New Booths

Time to add new seating to your restaurant? See what one of our new booths can do for your restaurant’s layout and overall design.

East Coast Chair & Barstool booths are Amish-made in the USA with superior craftsmanship and careful attention to detail. The booths come with many choices and customization like different vinyl colors or wood options. These booths below can be made in reclaimed barn wood, urban distressed wood, or rustic pine with multiple finish options, so you can match your solid wood table tops. 

Scroll through each slideshow and check out all the new exciting booth styles for this upcoming year!

Rustic Pine Booth

  • Rustic Pine Booth - Single

We’re adding a new wood option to our rustic booth lineup! The rustic pine booth is finished with a bourbon stain to highlight the beautiful distressed marks of the wood, creating a different look and texture than the reclaimed and urban distressed wood options.

Depending how much privacy you want for your restaurant, you can choose from single and double rustic pine booths with heights from 43” to 54”. And like the other rustic booth options, you can also choose whether you want a vinyl back or just leave it wood to match.

Tufted Booth

  • Tufted Booth - Single

Transform your restaurant’s interior with the elegant comfort of the Tufted Booth. This booth has distinct appearance because of its strategically placed buttons and folds (find out more about this diamond tufting technique here).

The Tufted Booth also has a unique color selection of soft Naugahyde vinyl to really make your booth special for your restaurant. The Tufted Booth is available in 36” to 48” heights and 48” to 72” lengths in both single and double styles.

Tavern Booth

  • Tavern Booth - Single

Mixing materials is what the Tavern Booth is all about. This booth is mainly constructed from either reclaimed, urban distressed, or rustic pine wood but also has a fully welded clear coat frame underneath. Even more than just the wood choices, the Tavern leaves a lot of room for customization for your restaurant or bar.

When purchased in the single style, this booth comes with a handcrafted unfinished back that allows restaurant patrons to get a closer look at the distressed wood. You can also add a coat rack to the any of the height options (43” to 54”).

Orchard Booth

  • Orchard Booth - Single

We put a twist on our classic vinyl booth by adding wood caps, making a contrast with these two materials to create the Orchard Booth. These caps can be made with any of our rustic wood options and finishes, making it simple to match your table tops. The Orchard Booth can also be made with a crumb strip for easy cleaning. But this booth isn’t complete until you select your vinyl color! This booth has a little more vinyl than our traditional rustic booths, with a vinyl seat, back, and back of the booth for a whole new look. The Orchard Booth can be made from a standard 43” height up to 54” to accommodate how you want these booths to look.

Trestle Booth

  • Trestle Booth - Single

Bring the farmhouse style to your dining space with the Trestle Booth. The Trestle Booth is all about being customized for your restaurant’s needs in any of our rustic wood options. This striking wood booth can be finished with a wood or vinyl back and comes with a vinyl seat. Like its namesake frame, the Trestle Booth is a great addition to your restaurant because its legs are high enough off the ground that your staff can easily clean the floor underneath it.  

Choose the right Trestle Booth for your restaurant by selecting your height (between 43” and 54”) and length (from 48” and 72”).

You can learn more about these booths by stopping by our upcoming tradeshows, visiting our website, or calling our dedicated customer care team at 800-986-5352.

Introducing the GLADIATOR Tufted 950 Bucket Bar Stool

Are you looking to upgrade your bar or restaurant furniture? We’ve recently added to our premium bucket bar stool offerings with the GLADIATOR Tufted 950 Bucket Bar Stool. The 950 bucket stresses design and coziness. This smart bucket bar stool takes the structure of the 625 bucket and the tufting accents of the 925 bucket to create a stool that is as trendy as it is comfortable.

New Bucket Bar Stool Give your bar area an executive atmosphere with the 950 Bucket Bar Stool and all its options. We’re confident this bucket can fit into any environment with its three options of 22 oz. vinyl in Bourbon Brown, Distressed Black, and Distressed Wine. No matter what vinyl color you choose to complete this bucket, the back of this bar stool makes it truly unique with its button tufting. Imagine customers walking into your bar area and being wowed by the luxurious back of the 950 bucket lined up along your bar’s counter. You can also customize what base the 950 comes on. The 900 frame base throws in industrial vibes, with finish options including black, rust, and clear coat, while the 910 frame keeps the vintage look of the bucket flowing through the base.

Comfort is key with a great bucket bar stool and the 950 completely rises above your average club chair in this department. High density foam creates a molded seat and back for your customers to relax on, complete with a waterfall seat edge. This bucket bar stool’s comfort rivals that of our premium 925 bucket and ever-popular 825 bucket model, so you can encourage customers to hang around for a little longer.

With its stylish tufted back to retro industrial base options, the GLADIATOR Tufted 950 Bucket Bar Stool upgrades your bar’s ambiance to a whole new level. Please call our customer care representatives at 800-986-5352 for more information on adding this bucket or any of our other bucket options to your restaurant or bar’s space.

Our Premium Bucket Bar Stools, the Best of the Best

825 Bucket Bar StoolsWhen you’re searching for the right bucket bar stool, the over one million search results can be daunting to say the least. We supply a variety of commercial bucket bar stool options for restaurants to choose from to complete their look.

Within these categories, you’ll find buckets placed according to comfort, price, and quality. If your business model focuses on quick table turnover and getting the most food sales in, our 525 and 625 bucket models are your best bet. But if your strategy involves keeping customers in seats so they can graze and increase your menu’s cross-selling capabilities (and profits), our premium bucket bar stools are more your style.

Whether you’re after the undeniable comfort of the 825 bucket or the vintage look of the 925, our premium buckets will become your customers’ new favorites spots to eat and drink.

By choosing an 825 bucket bar stool, your customers will love leaning back and relaxing in what we call the ‘Cadillac of bucket bar stools’. Our customer care representatives can confirm, once you sit on the 825, you’ll buy it. It’s that comfortable! This bar stool boasts a higher end look with better grade molded high-density foam seat and back. Choose from our wine, brown, or black vinyl to complete the look of this bar stool.

825 Bucket Bar Stool Features

If you are looking for a model with vintage accents, then the 925 bucket bar stool is for your restaurant. With its deep tuft and button accents, this bucket is reminiscent of a comfy library couch. This bar stool has a reinforced, flexible steel back to parallel the high-density foam seat and back, made for cradling your customers. To keep the vintage vibe flowing, this bucket comes in chestnut brown and black vinyl options.

925 Bucket Bar Stool Features

Both premium bucket models sit on top of our sturdy 900 base. Fully welded 16-gauge steel and the large footprint of the base makes for an excellent support system. This frame comes in clear coat, rust brown, or black to match any bucket or decor.

When you invest in luxury bucket seats, you should also keep in mind the durability of the swivel system. All of our bucket bar stools automatically come with an imported swivel. While these swivels can do the job, we also offer an upgraded domestic swivel option that has a 10-year warranty for a long service life.

Domestic swivel mechanisms last longer because of the way it swivels. Using two nylon ring bearings, this swivel can turn effortlessly, silently, and is tested up to 500,000 turns.

By using premium bar stools and upgraded swivels, customers can feel right at home sitting at your bar area.

How to Buy a Bucket Seat Bar Stool

***This blog was updated in December 2017 to reflect current information.

Are you shopping with your customers’ wellbeing in mind? If you’re researching bucket bar stools, you probably are! You’ve already made up your mind to create a bar area where guests can socialize, watch the big game, and play bar top games late into the night, all on comfortable bar stools.

A bucket seat bar stool could be just what your establishment needs to keep patrons at the bar for longer, creating a higher per person sales average for your bar’s bottom line. If your bar’s marketing strategy revolves around patrons purchasing multiple drinks, then you are probably aware of the direct correlation between the right seating and a steady flow of nightly revenue.

But how exactly do you pick out the bar stool that’s the best fit for your bar in terms of patron comfort and how it effects your return on investment?

Regardless of the price point your targeting, there are some criteria you should keep in mind when deciding on a bucket bar stool. These factors will help you sift through the range of bucket bar stools that are out there and can aid in showing the difference of a bar stool that will last years versus one that might only last you a few months.

  • Seat and back structure- Some manufacturers only use a cardboard-like material to reinforce their bucket seats. This kind of material obviously does not lend itself well to a comfortable seat and does not stand up to the daily wear and tear of the commercial food industry. To make a bucket sturdy, the back and seat should be strengthened with a plywood core. For added comfort, some bucket bar stools have flex backs, which allow for a more natural seating position.
  • Type of seat edge- The edge of your bucket bar stool can be subjected to major wear because of the way people get in and out of their seat. Many bar owners choose bucket bar stools with a waterfall edge for this reason. This type of edging allows for less wear on the edge seam because of its fluid, smooth curve.
  • Padding- The beauty of bucket bar stools is that they are typically more comfortable than traditional bar stools because of the cushioning. A good bucket bar stool will have padding on the seat and back that is a minimum of 2.5 lb high density foam. Actual seat thickness can vary from there, but this is an important standard for a good foundation.
  • Vinyl quality- Not all vinyl is created equal. Many vinyl producers can grade their own vinyl, which can lead to inconsistencies in the strength of the material. Restaurant and bar owners should invest in durable, commercial grade vinyl that is up to the challenge of constant use. If you are concerned about the strength of a vinyl, look at the weight (listed in ounces). The higher the number, the heavier and tougher the vinyl is. In addition to a properly weighted vinyl, check and see if the bucket uses welting cord to strengthen the seams. Seams structured with welt cords or, even better, PVC edging can reinforce points that may have greater stress over time.
  • Design- Finally, you need to think about how a certain bucket will look in your restaurant or bar. To make this decision, consider the aesthetics: color, seat shape, or added accessories like buttons or tufting. But don’t get bogged down by the options; sometimes a classic-looking bucket bar stool makes the best statement. Keep your restaurant’s theme in mind to create a look with your furniture unique to you.

The above criteria can help you make a better purchase decision when selecting a bucket bar stool but we can break it down even further by classifying our bucket bar stools into good, better, and best tiers.

The Good

When deciding on bucket bar stools for your restaurant, it can be intimidating- there are so many choices! Even though these categories are called good, better, and best, these names refer to how the bucket bar stools will perform over a certain time. Just because a bucket is in the “good” category, does not mean it’s mediocre. Good bucket bar stools get the job done and are great for your budget! In our experience, these bucket bar stools are popular in VFW’s, Elk Clubs, and similar organizations because they are cost-friendly and can keep customers comfortable for extended sitting.

  • Seat and back structure
    • Solid plywood construction
  • Type of seat edge
    • Waterfall edge
  • Padding
    • 5 lb high density foam
    • Overall, the seats have a thickness of 4”
    • The back has an extra inch of padding
  • Vinyl quality
    • 25-ounce vinyl with a fabric backing
  • Design
    • The timeless, curved shape of this bucket make it an easy fit for any restaurant or bar. The seams are joined with a welting cord to help reinforce stress points. Choose between black, brown, and wine vinyl color to complete your bucket and celebrate- no breaking the bank here!

Good Bucket Bar Stool Features

The Better
For the “better” section of bucket bar stools, we took the perks of the “good” models and made them even better! Our better bucket offer some added benefits that you and your customers will appreciate. These bucket bar stools offer PVC-edged seams and thicker padded seats, as well as an extra inch of padding added to the back of the bucket to keep customers comfortable for longer. Unlike a traditional metal swivel bar stool, this bucket has PVC edging that soften the blows to your bar top if a customer swivels a little too far.

  • Seat and back structure
    • Solid plywood construction
    • Added seam strength with black PVC edging
  • Type of seat edge
    • Waterfall edge
  • Padding
    • 5 lb high density foam
    • Overall, the seats have a thickness of 5”
    • The back has an extra inch of padding
  • Vinyl quality
    • 27-ounce vinyl with a fabric backing
  • Design
    • It’s all in the details for the “better” category. This bucket bar stool recalls a casino-style bar stool look with its PVC edging- designed to let guests feel content, regardless of how long they have sat there.

Better Bucket Bar Stool Features

The Best
For top-of-the-line bucket seat bar stools, you’ll pay a slightly increased price but be rewarded with excellent quality, style, and comfort, backed by long-lasting durability. We don’t call it the best for nothing! Without the worry of changing out a swivel mechanism, these bar stools have a slight bend and a little give for optimal comfort levels with the added flex back. Details like the rounded edges will make this bucket bar stool your customers’ favorite place to sit.

  • Seat and back structure
    • Solid plywood construction
    • Heavy duty flex back construction
  • Type of seat edge
    • Waterfall edge
    • Vinyl PVC apron
  • Padding
    • 5 lb high density foam
    • Premium molded foam ergonomic seat and back
    • Overall, the seats have a range of thicknesses between 5.3” and 6.5”
    • The back has an extra inch of padding
  • Vinyl quality
    • 27-ounce vinyl with a fabric backing.
  • Design
    • In the “best” category, it is evident that only the highest quality material and sleekest look are used to create quite literally the best bucket bar stools. Both models sport very contemporary looks to make sure your bar is the trendiest spot, all the way down to its furniture.

Best Bucket Bar Stool Features

The Base
Once you decide on the level of comfort you want your bucket to have, it’s time to choose a base.  Especially for the better and best models, you’ll want to look for a fully-welded, 16-gauge steel base, which will offer the most strength over a long lifetime.  The gauges of steel get stronger as the gauge numbers decrease, so a 16-gauge is better than an 18- or 20-gauge steel frame.  Because bucket seats tend to be top-heavy compared to other stool seats, the base needs to have a wide enough footprint to safely support the shape and weight of the bucket.

Additional Considerations
When shopping for a bucket bar stool, you should evaluate the quality of the swivel mechanism.  On the good and better buckets, we usually include a tilted swivel to produce a reclined feel for a more comfortable position.  When assembling this type of swivel on your bar stool, make sure the higher point is facing toward the front of the stool, or otherwise, patrons will feel as if they’re falling out of the seat.  On the more luxurious buckets, the design already features a slightly reclined seat, so most vendors will use a flat swivel, whereas you don’t have to worry about assembling it to the right degree of tilt.

In addition, we offer two kinds of swivels: an imported version and a domestic version.  The imported swivel comes with no warranty and utilizes ball bearings, which can be known to fall out with daily wear and tear or rough handling. A domestic swivel is available at an upgraded price because it includes a longer warranty of up to 10 years and uses nylon threads to swivel instead of ball bearings. Not only is the domestic swivel more comfortable, it makes for a quieter, smoother movement, as well.

Before purchasing any bar stool for your restaurant, you should measure the height of your bar.  You will want to leave 10-12″ between the top of the seat and the bottom of the bar for legroom.  Some of our best bucket bar stools have a seat height of 31.5″, which may be too tall for your bar. Keeping this measurement and the average height of your clientele in mind can save you from purchasing too tall or too short bar stools.

Interior design is, of course, always a consideration when buying restaurant furniture. Our standard bucket colors are brown, black, and wine, and we offer black, silver, rust, and clear coat finishes in most frames, so you can choose a color combination that works best for your decor! In the future, we are looking towards creating a custom upholstery program for some of our bucket bar stools so that your restaurant’s look is truly unique and comfortable.

Now that you know what to look for in your commercial bucket seat bar stools, you can offer a comfortable place for guests to sit and relax a while – and order up another drink.