Werzalit tables at an outdoor cafe

What is Werzalit? – Frequently Asked Questions from the Files of East Coast Chair & Barstool

  At East Coast Chair & Barstool, we answer questions about restaurant furniture all day, every day.  Some of the questions are unique to a particular situation, but many are relevant to all of our customers and are asked quite frequently.  In those cases, we are going to start answering them here on our blog so that all readers can take advantage of the information. One of the common questions that we ...

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Coffee Cafes: A Hot Trend for Churches

Building community and attracting new audiences are two very important objectives for many churches, regardless of denomination. Many churches across the U. S. (and globally) have acted on a growing trend to help address these goals: open a cafe or coffee house inside the church. Depending on your church community's own goals, a coffee house could also be a much-needed revenue stream for a declining membership or ...

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