Cash Register for Cash Handling Blunders

Top 6 Restaurant Cash Handling Blunders You Must Stop

By David Scott Peters If you have poor cash handling procedures in place in your restaurant, no other system you put in place will matter. I don’t care how efficient your restaurant is, if every penny of your sales isn’t deposited in the bank, there won’t be enough money to pay your bills. Cash controls must take top priority. No matter what you think needs to be addressed first, I tell ...

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7 Ways Your Employees Steal From You

Whether it's tearing up order tickets, under-ringing, over-ringing, short-changing, voiding sales, or outright stealing cash, there are a lot of scams that happen when dishonest employees are responsible for entering orders, cashing out checks, and closing out the cash drawers. Here's a list of 7 ways your bar or restaurant employees are stealing from you.

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