How to Plan A Mother’s Day Brunch

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It’s one of those holidays that will just creep up on you. And then next thing you know it is here and you aren’t as prepared as you’d like to be. According to the National Restaurant Association, Mother’s Day is the busiest restaurant day of the year. At least 37% of the population has plans to dine out for Mother’s Day. To help you stand out from the all the other restaurants trying to attract customers, we’ve gathered a few simple suggestions.

Planning Ahead

Taking the steps to prepare your business for the busiest day of the year is crucial to having a successful day. With the influx of customers, you’ll need to be ready with greater food quantities, more staff, and a game plan.

More customers mean more food being consumed, so you’ll need to purchase more ingredients. One of the big benefits to offering brunch is that you can make big batches using inexpensive ingredients for pennies a piece. Ultimately, this means you can make it more affordable for customers and profitable for you.

Help reduce craziness by offering a special prix fixe menu or a buffet. Not only is it a great way to maximize profits, but also makes things simpler for your guests. It will help to create buzz while simplifying things for your kitchen staff, allowing them to be time efficient. Your servers will also thank you when it is time for patrons to pay. Mother’s Day can bring in large groups and with a prix fixe menu it won’t be as difficult to remember what everyone ordered.

With the increase in customers you’ll need to have enough staff to cover the difference. Mother’s Day needs to be all hands-on deck. If you are concerned about being short staffed, reach out to students returning home from college for the summer. If they have worked for you before they will already be trained and are almost always looking for some extra cash.

Help handle the craziness of the busiest restaurant day of the year, by taking reservations for the big day. If your restaurant doesn’t normally take reservations, Mother’s Day is a great exception to the rule. It helps immensely in the planning process. You can gauge how many staff members you’ll require and how much food you’ll need to prepare. Plus, customers will appreciate the peace of mind that comes with having a reserved table on the busiest day of the year.

To maximize profits consider using extra space that might not ordinarily be available, like a patio. In certain parts of the country, you’ll have to keep an eye on the weather but setting out a few extra tables for the day can be beneficial. That being said, don’t make the mistake of trying to cram too many tables into a space. Nobody appreciates a dining experience where they are bumping elbows with their neighbors, literally. If you have the space, definitely use it.

Menu Must Have’s

There are a few food items that you must have for a successful Mother’s Day Brunch. As far as food goes items like French Toast, eggs, frittata, and parfaits are guaranteed hits. Do you have a particular breakfast item that your restaurant is known for? If so, be sure to include it on the menu.

Crêpes can also be a big hit. But they can be temperamental so if your chef doesn’t have experience with them, Mother’s Day is not the time to test them out.

If you have your liquor license, mimosas and Bloody Mary’s are a favorite and sure to be a hit with most moms. Not all moms are interested in indulging in alcohol, so having a fun mocktail is a great way to add fun to their drink options.

Go All Out

Moms deserve to be treated every day but Mother’s Day in particular. Going that extra mile can really make the difference. Things as simple as offering a single flower to mothers at the end of the meal can be the difference between a yearly tradition and a one-time thing. Offering discounted or free food to moms is another great way to make them feel special. A free cocktail or dessert will go a long way.

If you are able to offer a takeout option for mothers or grandmothers that aren’t able to or prefer not to go out on Mother’s Day.

Promoting Your Brunch

Make your Mother’s Day specials and hours as easy to find as possible. If customers can’t find the information, chances are they will take their business elsewhere. Create a post for your social media accounts and start a Facebook event to keep your brunch top of mind. A series of posts that remind people how many days until Mother’s Day can help remind customers they need to make plans. It is a holiday that is easy to forget!

If you don’t have a huge social media following, don’t worry, you can always go old school and print out some flyers and hang them around your restaurant or hand them out with receipts during April and beginning of May.


With all the hustle and bustle of the busiest restaurant day of the year it is easy to forget the most important part of the day, celebrating moms! Encourage your staff to take time to wish Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms who visit your restaurant and do their best to remain pleasant even in the busy atmosphere.

Do you host a Mother’s Day brunch? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below!

Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

When it comes to restaurants (and well nearly everyone on Planet Earth), mothers trump all.  Mother’s Day has historically been the busiest sales day in the restaurant industry, even ahead of Valentine’s.  With Mother’s Day just around the corner, this restaurant blog wanted to get you bar and restaurant owners thinking about how you could capitalize on all that motherly love.  After all, your customers want to celebrate Mom’s special day the right way, and it would behoove you (and your bank) to make it easy for them to show Mom just how amazing she is!

Create Mom-Approved Specials

A day that Mom doesn’t have to cook or do the dishes is special as it is, yes, but creating some extraordinary menu items at affordable prices will make her feel like royalty…and you’ll leave a memorable impression with your savvy chef skills.  Keep your ingredients fresh and creative, and remember, a perfect price point will ensure the special is ordered up without Mom feeling guilty that her son or daughter is flipping the bill. Plus, it might give you a chance to try something you’ve wanted to add to the menu!  Just keep in mind that with a busy day ahead, you’ll want to prep as much as you can in advance and not create a specials menu that relies heavily on one part of the kitchen over the other so there’s less of a chance of delayed tickets and over-worked staff.

Consider a Mother’s Day Brunch of Buffet

Carving out a specific brunch or buffet menu, available between certain hours of the day only, will drive traffic at strategic times of the day for you to guarantee staffing and hot-from-the-oven meals.  Perhaps you want to partner up with a local tea or coffee shop to provide gourmet café drinks, or maybe you go for a wine pairing later in the day.  Instead of a buffet style, you could consider multiple service times and take reservations for your pre-arranged “sessions”, e.g., brunch at 10 a.m., lunch at 1 p.m., and dinner at 5 p.m.  Set one flat rate and make it easier to plan your Mother’s Day success!

Set Tables for Larger Parties

Most likely, Mom and the gang are going to be a larger group than your average Sunday party size.  Are your tables set to accommodate parties of 5 or 6 or even more?  Make any changes to your table and chair configurations before your doors open on Sunday.  Your host staff will thank you for saving them the time (and sweat) it would take to pull those tables together during a crowded lunch service.

Give a Gift or Token of Mama-Appreciation

Whether you hand out a carnation to every mom, discount your gift cards for future sales, or give mom a free dessert, you want to make Mom feel loved and give her something <good> to talk about.  Maybe she’ll rave about the great day her kids (and you) gave her on Facebook, namedropping your restaurant and stirring all those warm-and-fuzzy feelings up that will continue to be associated with you.  Don’t forget to remind your staff to be extra sweet, even though business will be bustling.  You could even work with a local florist on a cross-promotion, or hand out certificates for a near-future visit.

Entertain Mom

Hire a local band, a harpist, or other entertainment to help you drive traffic to your restaurant on Mother’s Day.  With so much competition of choices out there, bringing in a “gotta see” act will help pack the house.

Promote Beforehand

Send an email. Advertise in the local paper. Post on all your social media accounts and your website.  Hang a few flyers in your store.  Add a memo to the bottom of your receipts a few weeks out.  Basically, you have to spread the word that your place is the place to be on Mother’s Day.  Invite your guests to come on Mom’s big day, so they remember you and know exactly what to expect when they make plans with the rest of their family.  Plus, the added online content will help your restaurant rank higher when potential patrons use search engines to find good “Mother’s Day restaurants” in your area.

Schedule Accordingly

If you are running a Mother’s Day promotion, you better be prepared for a full service.  Don’t be left understaffed on the busiest day of the year!  Also, come up with some simple ways to alleviate wait times at the front door, such as more bar seating or appetizer samplers in the waiting areas.

Reward Moms for <Positive> Yelping

(Or tweeting, etc.)  Set up a post-Mother’s Day contest for the moms who do brag about the special treatment your restaurant gave them.  Set clear time frames and rules, and either do a drawing or reward the mom who tells the most friends. Good reviews will boost your future business, and people who take the time to give you a good review online feel important and satisfied.

Hopefully, our Mother’s Day marketing tips for your restaurant will inspire you to have the best mother-loving day of the year!